Mentor Program

What is this about?

We are going to start with a free first meeting that takes about 10-20 minutes, where we will have a look at your comic, illustration, animation, storyboard or what you want to discuss and we will agree on which subject we should start. After the meeting you can take the time to decide whether you want to go on with the workshops and if I can be helpful for you.

We will cover topics such as anatomy, perspective, light & color, composition, posing, staging, visual storytelling, appealing, timing, etc., depending on your needs. In this way you will see how your work gains in quality as you grow as an artist in a more direct way.

  • Individual class: 15€/h.
  • Pass 5h: 60€
  • Pass 10h: 100€

If you have any questions or you want to arrange our first meeting, you can contact me through the form below or by writing me directly to

Hope to see you soon!