Ever since I can remember, I've had a huge passion for drawing. I studied in 1997 Artistic Illustration and after that, Fine Arts in 2004. I started working as an animator eighteen years ago. In 2011, Luxanimation asked me to be a Senior animator of the TV animation serie Le petit Spirou. This TV animation was one of my favourite comic when I was young. So I joined them for one year in what was a wonderful time where I have learned a lot. In the last couple of years, my role has been Animation director. Since 2019 until half of 2020 I was working as an animator for a traditional animation film called Koati. It has been the most important work I have done. After that I work in some pilotes animation series, animating but sometimes also doing the storyboards and the animatics. In 2021 I was working as layout artist and animation director for the 2D animation serie Sex Symbols. Currently my task is supervising the backgrounds for the 2D animation film Rock Bottom, doing some backgrounds too and the color key of the scenes.

I also draw Storyboards for animation and advertisements. I have worked for many renowned brands: Amstel, Battlefield 4, ING Direct, Porcelanosa and ViveSoy.

Besides all this, there is something deep down in my heart, and that is making comic! When I was a child I fell in love with the way of telling a story through comic, where you could create your own universe and experiment without limits. I am always trying to develop myself, creating new ideas and enjoying working on my own comics.