Ever since I can remember, I've had a huge passion for drawing. I studied in 1997 Artistic Illustration and after that, Fine Arts in 2004. I started working as an animator sixteen years ago. In 2011, Luxanimation asked me to be a Senior animator of the TV animation serie Le petit Spirou. This TV animation was one of my favourite comic when I was young. So I joined them for one year in what was a wonderful time where I have learned a lot. In the last couple of years, my role has been Animation director. Since 2019 until half of 2020 I was working as an animator for a traditional animation film called Koati.

I also draw Storyboards for animation and advertisements. I have worked for many renowned brands: Amstel, Battlefield 4, ING Direct, Porcelanosa and ViveSoy.

Besides all this, there is something deep down in my heart, and that is making comic! When I was a child I fell in love with the way of telling a story through comic, where you could create your own universe and experiment without limits. I am always trying to develop myself, creating new ideas and enjoying working on my own comics.